Frequently Asked Questions

Employer FAQs

As a new user, the first time you go to create your free HireLower Employer account, you will need to list an email and password to use for login. However, to fully complete your profile, you’ll also want to add in your Company Name, Company Slogan (if applicable), upload your Company Logo, list Company Website and Info, and Location Info (Main Operations/Headquarters).
Employers can create a free HireLower account in about 10 minutes, depending on how much company information you want to add into your profile.
Of course! When you create your Employer account, simply list the City and State where your Headquarters or Primary Office is located. Employers can then list the job-specific location when creating a new listing!
Job listings stay live for 30 days from the time they’re posted.
Job listings get posted immediately after you hit ‘Publish’!
Once you publish your job opportunity, anyone with an active HireLower Applicant account can review the listing and apply! Best of all, since you’re not charged a PPC rate, you’re not paying for the unqualified candidates who click through your listings!
HireLower currently offers two (2) affordable plans, depending on your needs: A One-Time Fee & A Monthly Subscription. If you have just a single job to post, or don’t list jobs regularly, the $199 USD one-time fee is your best bet with no commitment! However, if you hire consistently, or have a lot of job openings to fill, the $99 USD per month subscription plan will offer the best deal!
Of course! But just remember, editing the details after you’ve already received applications, could result in early applicants no longer being qualified for your opportunity. It is recommended to thoroughly review your listing prior to publishing.
All transactions are processed through PayPal, ensuring that payments are transmitted promptly and securely. HireLower will not have access to any of your private corporate banking information.
You may keep any applicants resumes for as long as you’d like! Even if you change a candidate’s status to ‘Rejected’, they remain on the applicant list for the position to which they applied.
Absolutely not! In fact, we hope that you receive applications from a lot of talented, qualified candidates from our diverse applicant pool.
– When you receive an application, the status will be listed as ‘New”.

– When you review the candidate’s profile, HireLower recommends changing this status to “Read”, to alert the candidate that they are under consideration.

– If you wish to no longer consider them for the position, select the ‘Rejected’ status, and they will receive a notification of your decision.

– After interviewing, when you’re ready to inform the successful candidate, select “Accepted” and they will receive an alert that you would like to offer them the position!

Just like with social media, on HireLower there’s no need to include Company details in every post, because your profile will already offer any interested applicants all the information you want them to know! Splitting the Organization’s details out from the specifics of the job, helps to cut through the clutter, and waste less time for everyone!

Applicant FAQs

Applying on HireLower is as easy as listing your Name and Email Address (both mandatory), and a quick Message and any Attachments (both optional) that you think might help your chances at landing your next job!
When you apply to a job, there is an ‘Attachments’ section where you can add in a Cover Letter or a different/additional Resume, if you’d like. However, because your HireLower profile will provide all the information typically included on a resume, this step is not mandatory.
Of course! With HireLower, since your Profile is your resume, you don’t have to worry about formatting or trying to fill in all the white space, if you don’t yet have much professional experience!
Yes, you will receive automated emails when you create your account, and after applying to job listings.
If you would like to check on the current status of any of your applications, simply log into your Applicant account and check the “My Applications” section for a status update.
At this time, HireLower does not have any assessments. However, if you add your ‘Email’ and select ‘Frequency’, you can get added to our email distribution list to receive the latest updates