Our Story

HireLower got its start in early 2021 (under the original codename “SlicedBread”) after the project was accepted into the Idea Stage Accelerator program, run by StarterStudio and the Groundswell Startup Incubator in Eastern Central Florida. After 10 weeks, and a successful pitch night to local fellow entrepreneurs, HireLower was born.

Creating a new resume for every application, and a new profile on every company’s website, is simply unsustainable in today’s fast-paced employment environment. HireLower offers a solution to the accepted status quo, breaking the mold that the hiring process has been stuck in for decades.

For applicants, the simple “profile-as-a-resume” structure means that they only need to enter information once. Job Seekers can also save a listing for future application, and track application status (Read, Accepted, Rejected).

For employers, posting a job opening is simplified because they only need to list the details of the opportunity, rather than cluttering the listing with company details that can be found on their profile. With standardized listings and an affordable price structure, employers can truly “hire lower”, saving crucial resources that can be put to better use, investing back in the company and in their employees!


HireLower was founded with the mission to improve everything currently broken with the outdated job application process.


Our vision is to help every applicant easily find their next job, and to help every employer save time and money in the hiring process.

Nick Day
Position: Founder & CEO

With a background literally in rocket science (Dual B.S. in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering from Buffalo), Nick might seem an unlikely choice to start a job board company. However, with a natural affinity for problem solving, it’s only logical for him to take on an industry that seems frustratingly stuck in just accepting the status quo. Nick calls Titusville home, out on Central Florida’s ‘Space Coast’.